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8 Vicks Coupons (Vapor Rubs, Inhalers..)
- $1.00 off two Vicks DayQuil, NyQuil or Severe products.
- Get $1.00 off Vicks VapoRub 1.76oz (50g) or 3.53oz(100g)
- $1.00 off 2 Vicks VapoRub products 1.76oz (50g) or 3.53oz (100g)
- $1.00 discount on 2 Vicks VapoInhalers
- $1.00 off one Vicks Sinex LiquiCaps Product.. And more.

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$4 Off 2 Vicks Vapor Rubs
Get $4.00 Off two Vicks VapoRub products 1.76oz (50g) or 3.53oz (100g) (excludes trial/travel size).

$4.00 Off Vicks Sinex
Print a $4 off coupon good towards 1 Vicks Sinex Product (excludes trial/travel size)

$4 Off 2 Vicks DayQuil
$4.00 off 2 Vicks DayQuil, NyQuil or Severe products (excludes Vapo Drops, QlearQuil, ZzzQuil)

$1 Off 2 Vicks Baby Rub
$1.00 off one Vicks BabyRub 1.76oz (50g) (excludes trial/travel size)