L'Oreal Coupons

By Anna
4 L'Oreal Coupons
- $2.00 off any L’Oreal Paris Hair Expertise Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment product.
- $1.00 off any L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Primer product.
- $2.00 off any L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference or Excellence haircolor product.

$1 Off Any L'Oreal Paris Product
Print a $1 coupon good towards any product straight from their website, must register or log in to print.

4 L'Oreal Mobile Coupons - Kroger
- 15% off L'oreal paris revitalift volume.
- 20% OFF loreal men expert
- 10% off loreal advanced hair care and style
- 10% off loreal root cover up and more.

$3 Off Any L'Oreal Hair Color Product
There's another $2 coupon on the same page.

View L'Oreal Coupons On Ebay 
Hot coupon category on ebay, sometimes you can save big manufacturer coupons and gift cards for l'oreal products.

Expired Printable's

20% Off L'Oreal Paris Revitalift
Download this digital coupon from target cart wheel and save 20% on L'Oreal Paris Revitalift products.

5% Off L'oreal Advanced Hair Care Products
Each Cartwheel coupon may be used for up to a maximum of 4 qualifying items per offer per transaction.

25% Off L'Oreal Rivitalift Triple Power
Here's another great mobile coupon from target, save 25% on Rivitalift Triple Power.

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12 comments to '' L'Oreal Coupons "

  1. Every time I try to print their coupons it seems to tell me that it was already printed. I never get there coupons printed out. My friends have experienced the same outcome. Need to get a new IT person to check out the problem.

  2. just updated the coupons 06/17/16, you should be able to print.

  3. Thanks, for the $2.00 coupon link that worked fine. I found the $1 but you helped me with the best deal :)

  4. Seems to me with Loreal charging 40,00$ per for face creams and 15,00$+ for this and that i.e. powders foundations, etc. They could cut us a break with 1 for 2's or 10.00$ off once in a while. Wouldn't you think after years of loyality; and the economy as it is?????

  5. Does anyone know how to tell an expiration date on l'oreal mascara? I bought a new tube to replace the old one and I accidentally put them both in the same makeup kit. They have numbers on the bottom of the tube but no expiration date. It's impossible to get an answer from L'oreal.

  6. I just printed a $2 coupon. I had no problems. But The expiration date on this coupon is 7/30/2016. I printed in August from their site.

  7. That was super easy!! now i have $3 off my hair color, it tells me the exp date and it took me about 3 minutes of my time- including registration!

  8. I registered on the site but I have not be able to print the coupon. They do not show the coupon, just a printer link to print it. It now says I printed the allowable amount. I am computer savy, but this doesn't work. I turned off the pop-up blocker and everything. I am very disappointed because I like the L'oreal hair color and it is on sale now and I really wanted a coupon to make my purchase even better.

  9. I was just on the site and signed up. Also wanted coupon for hair color but didn't get that one. Tried the one for the lip product and no problem getting that one. I just did a touch up on my hair it's been a few months. I like the color that I picked because you don't notice the roots so much and that's what I like. But I tried again to get the hair color coupon and no response. It told me thanks for printing the coupon! Not really happy about it what can be done so that people that visit the site and do all the required info to sign in and then don't get coupons selected. Bummer big time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Rite Aid has a current advertisement for $5.00 coupon off Loreal Excellence Hair Color in your local Sunday paper-it is not there….where is that coupon? Anyone?

  11. Just printed 2.00 off makeup from the redplum site using zip 76109

  12. That was a pretty big waste of time for a $2 coupon but at least I finally got it. Must download the coupons.com program