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Print 8 Coupons From Colgate
- $0.75 off colgate enamel toothpaste
- $0.75 off colgate optic white toothpaste
- $0.75 off colgate kids toothpaste
- $0.75 off mouth wash or mouth rinse
- $1.50 off colgate whitening pens

Colgate Mobile Coupons From Target
- 20% off colgate sensitive brush and pen
- 25% off colgate st. Jude special pack
- 15% off colgate powered toothbrushes and more.. (December-19-2015)

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3 Colgate Coupons
Print coupons for:
- $2 off any Colgate Mouthwash or Mouth Rinse
- $2 coupon for Colgate 360 twin pack or multi pack manual toothbrushes
- Save $2.on any Colgate Total, Optic White, Max Fresh or Colgate Sensitive twin packs

$0.75 Off Colgate Pro-Shield Mouthwash
Print out a coupon for colgate total advanced pro shield mouthwash.

$1 Off Colgate Total, Total Advanced Or Enamel Toothpaste - Kroger
Enjoy a $1 discount on Colgate Total, Total Advanced or Enamel Toothpaste (4oz or larger excluding trial size).

$1 Off On Select Colgate Products & Toothpaste
- $1 discount on Colgate Total
- $1 discount on Colgate Kids Toothpaste.

Save $2 On Colgate Mouthwash Or Mouth Rinse - Kroger
Save $2 on any Colgate Mouthwash or Mouth Rinse when you present this coupon at your local Kroger store.

$2 Colgate Coupon For Kroger
Print coupon and receive a $2 discount on any one Colgate Optic White Express Toothpaste (3 oz). See coupon for more details.

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