Scoop Away Cat Litter Coupons

By Jillur Rahman
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Scoop away cat litter is available in several odor control scents and can be found in most grocery stores , pet stores and super markets . You can also get $5 coupons for fresh step cat litter here .

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25 comments to '' Scoop Away Cat Litter Coupons "

  1. Anonymous9:36 AM


  2. Anonymous11:31 AM

    I didn't find any coupons for Fresh Step Scoopable litter.

  3. Anonymous8:42 AM

    no coupon

  4. Anonymous8:41 PM

    how come there are no coupons as stated?

  5. Kathie4:46 PM

    Nope, I didn't see any either. HELLO? SCOOP AWAY? YOU SAID YOU HAVE COUPONS. Enlighten us please. Where are they? Thank you.

  6. Anonymous8:36 PM

    WOW. the person who created the link was pretty clear to state that you MUST SIGN UP.

    Here is your enlightenment... Try reading?

  7. You need dates in the comments section. I've been a scoopaway.com member for a while & have never received a coupon.

  8. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Why did I sign up if there are no coupons? Scoopaway is not to sell my imformation to advertiing. Rude and to think I buy Your product to care for the stray cats I have rescued and now I feel I've turned over my imfo for your advantage!!!!

  9. Anonymous3:01 PM

    If you have to search for an hour to find a coupon that is not there, it's hardly worth it.

  10. Anonymous5:25 PM

    I tryed geting the fresh step coupons but there wasent eny.

  11. Anonymous9:02 AM

    You have to "Join" the site to get the coupons.

  12. I've joined, signed up, given all my info, etc. Still no coupons to be found anywhere. What's the deal?

  13. Anonymous5:54 AM

    these aren't dated, but I am having the same problem-- signed up answered all their prying questions and still no couplons.

  14. Anonymous11:51 AM

    You sign up, sign up for Special Offers, and they email them to you.

  15. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Yeah, I did join. And have been joined for about 6 months and have still never gotten even 1 coupon.

  16. Anonymous7:57 PM

    We have multiple cats and have been buying scoop-away litter, 4 boxes at a time. It is very expensive and I cannot find any coupons. Even tho we like the scoop-away litter we are going back to Frersh Step because you can find coupons for that litter and it isn't all that bad for the savings. Times are hard folks at Scoop- a Way! We need coupons to continue using your product. I am a responsible pet owner and will take care of them all by being frugal. I would never send them to a shelter like I see so many doing. I cut corners for all of us in order to keep our family (us and our cats) together. Shame on you for not helping people keep their animals in this bad economy!

  17. Anonymous1:44 PM

    NO coupons ... NO sign up. Am I missing something? Quality product advertising is great but, Please stop the manipulative marketing and include some special offers for consumers.

  18. Anonymous2:32 PM

    I have never seen a Scoopaway coupon, but buying it in the economy size at Costco is cheaper than most other brands on sale. It is usually about $13 for 45 pounds. Borrow a friend's membership if you don't have one.

  19. Anonymous1:03 PM

    I guess I am joining the leagues of the frustrated site users. No link found for Sign Up or navigation to coupons as the hyper link would lead you to believe. Sent an email to the Contact Us which does seem to navigate you to a valid email function. Totally frustrating in this day in time when most consumers are trying to figure out how to save :-(

  20. Anonymous2:42 PM

    I don't know what the dates are of the previous comments so I'm not sure how old they are. Today is May 5th 2011, I went on the Scoop Away site and looked every where for a coupon, I even took the quiz thinking I might get it at the end. Nothing!!! I couldn't even find a place to sign-up for emails. I like Scoop Away but money is too tight right now, so without a coupon, I guess another company will receive my money. There are a lot of comments on this site alone...that's a lot of money they missed out on!!! They need to take a second look at their Marketing Dept! Sharon, PA

  21. Anonymous2:52 PM

    signed up and still no coupons??????

  22. Anonymous11:47 PM

    I thought it was going to be emailed to you?

  23. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Frankly, you are not crazy !

    I attempted the same and no Scoop Away Cat lItter coupons.... most likely website error...

  24. valeria10:07 AM

    You can try contacting them directly for coupons:


  25. Anonymous2:26 PM

    was not able to find any coupons