Cigarette Coupons

By Jillur Rahman
Note : To receive printable coupons for cigarettes or special offers you will have to sign up by filling some applications due to age proof and so on.

After you register they will send you special savings or manufacturer cigarette coupons for free by mail or to print.

Marlboro Cigarette Coupons ( Ongoing )
You may be eligible to receive cigarette coupons for marlboro, or special offers if you complete registration, delivered right to your door via U.S. Mail.

USA Gold Cigarette Coupons ( Ongoing )
Receive cigarette coupons for USA Gold, when you register.

American Spirit Cigarettes - $20 Coupons ( Ongoing )
Verify your age and click on "ask for $20 gift certificates" on the next page ..

$20 off Camel Coupons ( Ongoing )
$20 or more in camel cigarette coupon savings and special offers.

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$4 Off Eclipse Cigarette Coupons 
To print your free eclipse cigarette coupons just register or log in as a member.

Winston Cigarette Coupons 
Sign up and get $20 or more in cigarette savings or special coupon offers. (Includes winston, kool cigarette coupons, pall mall, doral cigarettes and more.)

Newport Cigarette Coupons 
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40 comments to '' Cigarette Coupons "

  1. Anonymous9:52 AM

    It's very frustrating and somewhat annoying that every tobacco company has these coupons and all of them require you to be 21+ I'm 19 and it's obviously legal for me to purchase tobacoo products in stores and I want discounts too. Haven't been able to find an explaination for this, I wish they would change this or at the least give me a good reason why one has to be at least 21 to get these coupons.

  2. Anonymous1:32 PM

    I am 52 years old and have tried to get coupons for Basic Lights for 2 years. I have not seen one coupon. I pay over $75.00 a carton.
    Get me a break..................

  3. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Marlboro has a good site, with printable coupons. I've tried looking for camel coupons, but the site just has a bunch of lawsuit stuff on it, & no coupons to be found.

  4. Anonymous8:36 AM

    I have recieved coupons a couple of times but I had to create a new log-in @ new password each time. No more info from me already gave them My info once. To much of a hassle to go through, Probably won't use this site anymore. To the guy who has a nasty mouth, no need for vulger language.I think we all get your point.

  5. Anonymous7:57 PM

    I want coupons for Parliantmes... I only ever get camel coupons, and im not a huge fan of those... hmph

  6. Jessica8:08 AM

    To the 52 year old that smokes Lights like my Father after his heart attack. Did you know they are equally as dangerous and harmful, just the label Lights refer to the taste being lighter (due to little holes in the filter?)I don't think my Dad really understands he is doing the same things that lead to heart attack...:*(
    I wish smoking wasn't so dangerous. There is Plutonium in the dirt everywhere and the tobacco plants drink it up through the dirt which causes cancer, there is no know way to reduce the amount of that chemical know to man. I just started up again from quitting 2 1/2 years. and 3 3/4 years off the wagon back on before that. I am 22.

  7. Tanya6:54 AM

    For those that smoke Marlboro's, you can get MANY coupons and other offers from their direct website. You sign up once with a username/password, and that's it. In the last year, I've received over $40 in coupons (one time I got $10 at once) and you get the choice of "by the pack" or "by the carton".

    Was hoping to find some online coupons as I'm short on cash and the one that is in the mail will likely take a week or 2 to get here.

  8. Anonymous6:06 AM

    dont the store i d people when buying tobacco products and not sell them if underage

  9. Anonymous6:03 AM

    Try signing up @ and camel. I get 6 $2.50 off coupons about every month. I pay about $3 per pack of smokes, cheaper than a carton. Hope this helps!

  10. Anonymous8:02 PM

    i would like to recieve printable coupons, on misty blues that i can print them on my printer.thanks.

    lisa phillips.

  11. Anonymous4:27 PM

    re:"i called and complianed to camelsmokes regarding the new packs and they told me that i was a valued customer, thank you for your response, blah blah blah. then they told me they would send me some free coupons for cigarette packs. what i get in the mail a week later, a pocket ashtray. and you cant even put your cigs out in it, you gotta put them out on the ground first. stupidest invention of all time"

    its to put roaches in idiot

  12. Anonymous5:57 AM

    Yeah coupons totally work and I get them all tha time. I signed up with Camel ages ago and to this day, each month I get 2.50 off coupons I can redeem at places like grocery stores or 7-11. I signed up with Marlboro on tha site and I get coupons monthly sent to my house as well. Newport...same thing. I verfied my age and it only took a minute.

  13. Anonymous1:04 PM

    OMG how annoying.. this is like the dbl standard, I receive coupons for cigs all the time in the mail that i never even signed up for! Trust me if these kids wanna get a hold of a cig they will have no problem doing it. Hello do you not see the world around you.

  14. Anonymous1:42 AM

    Ok, seriously? I mean if the companies want us to smoke their cigerattes they would at least give us coupons to buy them. Or make them cheaper. I think they need to realize if they make them cheaper the more people will buy at one time and they'll make 10x more money. Don't you agree?

  15. Anonymous5:56 AM

    Tobacco companies CAN'T make their cigarettes any cheaper. They make about 20 cents on each pack sold, so it's obviously not worth their while to send you coupons for $4 off.

    High prices come mainly from the government. Take it up with them if you want cheaper cigarettes.

  16. Anonymous7:42 AM

    ok well all u people about minors getting ur coupons are dumb....why is it our responsibility to watch out of your kids....If we tried to parent your children you would get mad so why is it our duty to understand this rediculous system?????? They are not our children if your worried about them getting coupons it seems that you need to start being a parent befpre you go and buy your cigs...........And yes this sight and the prices of cigs are rediculous another way for the government to screw us.....instead of raising cigs make welfare junkies get JOBS!!!!!!!

  17. Anonymous9:34 PM

    Signing up for these require way to much personal information then I feel comfortable with giving out on the net.

  18. Anonymous4:45 PM

    They ask for a promotion code where does one get that

  19. Anonymous1:23 PM

    That was truly appauling! No where, for any reason should any business (unless you're applying for a grant, loan or job) ask for your social security number! Especially online?!? Unbelievable! I settled for the next best thing, my DL#, DOB and Previous Address. Except, once it was all said and done I was told that they wanted a scanned copy of my DL, to call a number and go through it all again or send my info to them? So, do they think I'm some kind of 10 year old using my parent's ID card? With how smart 10 year olds are today, it wouldn't be hard for a kid to scan their parent's freakin' DL and get the coupons anyway. Your security measures are an ULTIMATE FAIL, and serve only to discourage your customers. Then again, what does Big Tobacco care, we're all addicts anyway, right? They know, coupons or no coupons we're still going to buy their cigarettes because we kinda have to.

  20. Daria9:21 PM

    "This country was founded by people too uptight for the English!" - Robin Williams

    I loathe lawmakers right now. Tobacco coupons can no longer be made available for online printing?! Is Marion Barry Speaker of the House or something?! I think Congress switched from smoking cigarettes, to smoking crack... I mean, come on people!

    Obesity is a far more costly health problem than cigarettes could ever dream of being. And yet coupons and advertising is everywhere for McDonald's, Burger King, etc, et al, ad nauseum. The absurdity is amazing. I can already hear the "but nicotine is addictive" come back. Guess what "einstein", so is sugar, caffeine, and fats.

  21. Anonymous8:27 AM

    This is another personal information gathering site. Once they have your basic info they sell it to the highest bidder...stay clear!!!!

  22. Anonymous2:13 PM

    OK... Apparently people aren't getting it, First off, I as a store clerk am responsible for the product that is sold, second Why should the company wait time and money printing coupons if they aren't going to be used? secondly it is already an issue that it really doesn't take much effort for a minor to obtain tobacco, For those of you who do smoke SHOULD understand this as I know I did when I was younger. Additionally, with having people give out FAKE printible coupons (WHICH the store is aware are fake) they want to minimize on the loss not only to their bottomline but yours as well. Frankly if you can't afford it then don't do it. BTW, There are taxes on alcohol and just as much if not more crap attached to the sale of alcohol, They just keep it underwraps. contact your local liquir control agency and ask...

  23. Anonymous4:02 PM

    Well, I just want to say that I get Marlboro coupons all the time, I get an email..... fill out what I want and 2-3 days later Viola! In the P.O.Box! Savings! I prefer Basic but Marlboro are about the same.
    What I want is my Basic coupons and their fantastic catalog of stuff for UPC's........I have about 5000 UPC's since I moved and haven't gotten the catalog. Just caan't find em on the web????????? I used to get 10 $10.00 coupons for cartons.....2 times a year....I had to send in 600 UPC's for the 10 but with my husband and I smoking ' was easy!

  24. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Plus......yes this site should spell Marlboro right! From the same person that just ranted about Basic!

  25. Anonymous2:40 PM

    so you have to be 18 to buy cigs but to get coupons you have to be 21, thats the dumbest thing i think ive ever heard of, and i see people under 18 all the time with cig coupons that they just got from their parents or somethin

  26. Anonymous12:12 AM

    To the person that said "By US law coupons for tobacco products MUST BE MAILED to you, get a grip you idiots." It's not US Law that prevents you from printing coupons for tobacco it's state law! You apparently don't know the difference between US and state law. I print out coupons for tobacco all the time, because my state does not have laws against it. If you live in AL, AR, IA, IL, KS, KY, LA, MO, MS, NE, OK, TN, OR TX you can print coupons over the internet. Also the reason you have to be 21 is because the age restrictions for buying tobacco products vary from state to state (Ex.) You have to be 18 to buy tobacco in MS but you go one state over into AL and you have to be 19.

  27. They should make it easier to obtain coupons. it seems that they would rather not have coupons obtainable to the public. Then they lose out on the actual profit. The stores card individuals left and right.

  28. Anonymous1:28 AM

    What i Do NOT get at all is you gotta be 18 to buy cigs but gotta be 21 to sign-up for makes no freaking sense at all!!

  29. i dont like to c anyone start smoking but we as a nation would b up shit creek if we all just quit between the jobs and the tax money there would b a hole

  30. Anonymous11:29 PM


    yes it would be nice to just go get that magazine like you could in the 1980s and prior, go to the free pack page and take it to cashier to get free packs of cigs. unfortunately the minority group of non smoking hippocrits love to pry into others affairs. these "activists" are in a phaze. if not this itll be something else(these ppl should drop off the earth lol)

    unfortunately LAW IS LAW and because of these minorities and 2 bit judges and lazy americans NOT MAKING A STAND. the tobacco companies MUST BY LAW SEND COUPONS VIA MAIL. its so your little 8 year old cant get the coupon. yes clerks are SUPPOSED to check ids but some dont care. all this jazz is because again MINORITY ruins it for the rest of us. this last one referring to the few kids who disobey the law and make a habit of it.

    times have changed and the ONLY way things will revert to the good old days is for people to stop mouthing off on forums and go to congress and TAKE ACTION. one alone cannot do it it must be a huge group effort.

    until than accept the law and be grateful you can still obtain coupons. otherwise move to a country that is not obsessed with the stupidity in life(worthless lawsuits and suing tobacco cos bc their great great great g-pa in the revolutionary war died of smoking how do they even know). or quit.

    sorry im just so sick of hearing ppl complain without action being taken. we ALL want coupons. and being 21 is the same thing as why cant you walk into casino unless youre 21. in certain states you MUST be 21 you can be 18 to use coupons or to game but... the tobacco cos are under immense pressure by these 2 bit MINORITIES. casinos serving alcohol freely its 21, tobacco cos. its 21 again rules are rules and MAKE A STAND.

  31. Anonymous3:28 AM

    This is ridiculous. Since when does one need to verify age to print coupons? there's no age requirement for coupons. If an 8 year old prints a cigarette coupon, who cares? He can't smoke the coupon.

  32. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Seriously, if verifying my age to save a little money was the biggest problem I had, I'd be thrilled. Rather than spend so much time complaining, go volunteer at local animal shelter or retirement home. :o)

  33. Anonymous11:40 AM

    I verified my age and printed my coupons right off Marlboro's website.. Took 2 minutes to save $2, Im happy!

  34. Anonymous7:57 PM's website is bunk. After spending 10 minutes on the registration, providing personal information, I was directed to call their toll free number. After 30 minutes hold, spending another 20 minutes with the rep, I was told my age STILL couldn't be identified, even with DL# and SS#. But you can bet your ass they will sell my information to 3rd parties.

  35. Anonymous4:27 AM

    i don't get why you have to be 21 to get coupons when the legal age to smoke is 18

  36. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Since so many people are complaining about the process, don't bother, go to the store and pay full price otherwise verify your age and get your coupons, It's a law that they have to verify your age and we have to follow it no matter how much we may dislike it. I dislike Obama's laws, but i still have to follow them.

  37. Anonymous8:06 AM

    I don't understand how to get these coupon's. I would like to print my own.

  38. Anonymous5:22 AM

    to the idiot that called someone an idiot I just printed my coupons off lol

  39. Anonymous11:33 PM

    i dont understand why u can be 18 an buy snuff but 21 to get coupons???

  40. Anonymous9:06 AM

    trust me it is a good thing they make you have to be 21 to get coupons i started smoking really young all you gota do is find the gas station that doesn id you or just get your friends that are older to buy them thats what i did cuz most underage smokers have of age friends how do u think they get theyre ciggarettes by doing this they cant just fill out the form and get the coupons also the 18 year olds are more likely to share ciggarettes with underage kids so making it 21 makes it where less kids are smoking underage beacause they cant afford the ciggarettes also its state laws the ciggarete companies have to do this by law they ahve no choice i bet if they could they wouldnt make you verify your age at all because they dont care that little kids are smoking they are getting payed so please stop complaining its not theyre fault