Charmin Coupons

By Jillur Rahman
Charmin Coupons ( Ongoing )
This page will display all their latest coupons and promotions, receive $1-off coupons for a ultra charmin mega roll 6-pack toilet paper and more.

These are not a printable charmin coupons, you will get manufacturer coupons by mail along with with your freebies. No purchase necessary. No shipping & handling fees....

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6 comments to '' Charmin Coupons "

  1. Anonymous1:54 PM

    if you guys go read the ad, you will se that it is not for a coupon, its just for the extender. i know the orignal ad says a dollar coupon, but when you click on it, its says only for the extender

  2. Anonymous9:35 AM

    I have been holding it in for a long while now, that coupon better get here quick.

  3. Anonymous9:26 AM

    I never got anything

  4. Anonymous8:52 AM

    i use charmin basic, its the best

  5. Anonymous10:29 PM

    You should read previous comments as well as what you're actually filling things out for. You should all know by now that the ad/form you are filling out specifically says that it is FOR THE EXTENDER ONLY. Hellooooo.

  6. Anonymous11:18 PM

    me too! only an extender no coupon!