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Leslie's Pool Supplies Coupon - Black Friday Deals ( exp )
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- 3" jumbo tabs, 20 lbs for just $39.99
- 50% off Fresh 'N Clear, 12 & 24 packs
- 20% discount on all heaters & heat pumps
- Save 50% on all inflatables
- $350 coupon for all spas over $600
- $44.99 pool perfect + phosfree, 3L & more
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  1. Anonymous8:47 AM

    I too received no coupon for signing up for Leslie's email!!

  2. Anonymous8:15 PM

    I did not receive a 20% off coupon for providing my email address either. We had planned on using the coupon to purchase the basketball stand/goal? Any feedback on coupons for that? To purchase it is like 225.00.

  3. Anonymous7:44 AM

    I made a $100 purchase last weekend at one of my local Leslie's stores. On the bottom of the receitp it said to go to www.lesliepool.com/feedback and fill out their survey. It promised a 10% off coupon. Surprise, there is no such site and I ended up here instead.

  4. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Cant believe how much 3"chlorine tablets are WHAT HAPPENED. Went online to fine a cheaper price and came across Leslies "where we already do business" to get a coupon for 20% off. I think they are telling fibs. I got an email letting me know they will send me sale info from time to time. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE COUPON!!!!. We all need some relief.... HELP!!!!!!

  5. JIM IRVINE11:56 AM


  6. Anonymous10:58 PM

    Leslies used to sell 50# bucket 3' tabs for a reasonable price and with the coupon it was a good deal. Now their buckets are 35# and over $107 with no coupon in site. The guy in the store offered me $5 off. BIG DEAL! I will go else where.

  7. Anonymous2:27 PM

    I buy from Leslie's in Bakersfield, Ca and the receipt says to write to Leslie pools feedback and receive 10% on next purchase. I tried this 3 times now and nothing happens. I will complain, and even though I have dealt with them since 1972 am going to fnd another place more honest to get my chemicals. Today's worker told me I had to drain the pool, and then the manager came over and said,"No, it is too late in the year." Who to believe.. I did my own pool chemicals for years and Leslie's went from being the best in town to "who cares. sell the products and lie to the customer"...that was Robert's remark today when I asked what the trainer had taught him about working at Leslies. On top of that, Mexican music was playing...in Ca./USA.

  8. very good post. keep up the good work.

  9. Anonymous9:08 PM

    I think it's hilarious that so many people complain about the individual stores about the coupons they haven't received. It's not the store's fault at all. They are probably having technical issues with their website. It's hard to explain, but simply put, Leslie's Swimming Pool Supplies and Leslie's Poolmart(The website) are two different things. They have to effectively communicate to each other which does leave room for error. Now, had you people walked in with a more positive attitude, I'm sure the associates would have tried to help you out more effectively, but when you walk in with an attitude, nobody wants to deal with you. And as for the store music, were you just looking for something to get mad at? They cut back on some expenses in order to maintain as low of prices as possible. So they play some stupid CD now, get over it! You didn't go to Leslie's to jam out to the Beach Boys and Johnny Cash anyways.

  10. Anonymous6:11 AM

    Do what I do... Get the best deal/discount/coupon from Leslies or ANYONE... Then go to Warehouse Pool Supply and THEY will honor them. They have 40# containers of Tabs and sometimes they have the best prices anyway. Also - they offer discounts on your next purchase there on top of the best price you can find!

  11. Anonymous7:56 AM

    why can't leslie post a welcome email with a 20% off coupon in it??? I got mine from J.C.Penny, printed it out, & when I took to J.C.P. they scanned the barcode & an easy, efficient, deduction from my purchase was made!

  12. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Will never shop at Leslies(Aloma Ave.) Winter Park, Fl. again.

  13. Anonymous11:47 AM

    I purchased 2 jugs of liquid chlorine at Aloma Ave in Winter Park, Fl. today. It was adv at buy 2 get 1 free. Dawn(mgr) said I had to have a copy of the ad and a 3rd jug for the chlorine. I purchased a pump and impellor last year for about$600. from this store. I will NEVER buy in this store again.
    Newell Waters

  14. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Face it Leslie's now has basically a monopoly on pool supplies for the average joe. Their attitude is pretty much , don't like it , were you gonna go?

  15. Louis Castaldi7:44 AM

    Very friendley and helpful

  16. Anonymous7:59 AM

    Never got coupon for signing up. Manager at Scottsdale location hates his job and takes it out on customers--he's an ass...

  17. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Signed up and NO 20% off coupon.

  18. Allen6:37 PM

    I got my 20% off COUPON!!!!

  19. Anonymous10:48 PM

    I simply clicked print, where it says " Click to Print ". Simple instructions.

  20. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Sounda like leslies is a good place to stay away from. We feel like we got screwed by the manager also. They did not have the cheapest price 200.00 over what I could have ordered it for(free shipping).Milo (manager store off jog rd W.P.B,FL) also gave my husband false info on service calls.This cost us an extra 106.00. Told him to come to the store & he would take care of it. He offered him 10% off purchases.big deal normal discounts.They will not be around to much longer with the way they are treating customers.

  21. Anonymous4:02 PM

    I signed up over a year ago and never recieved any 20% of coupon. I only get their coupons for items I don't need.

  22. Anonymous8:34 AM

    Thanks, saved $56.00 on a pump motor with printable in store coupon (exp July 31th 2012). In the middle of a heat wave the pump bearings goes out. New motor was in stock and able to replaced on the weekend. Thanks again!

  23. pooldancer5:27 PM

    At my Leslies, the worker told me the expensive item I was about to purchase would be on sale in two days, so I came back to get it. How cool is that?!

  24. Anonymous11:41 AM

    For the feedback issues/questions -- go to the Leslie website and type in feedback in the search bar. It takes you to the survey. Not sure about a coupon off yet. BUT have no desire to shop there again after the rude employees.

  25. Anonymous6:04 AM

    I also signed-up and gave them my email address. All I received was a 15% coupon to be used on-line. There were 2 other coupons but they had expired.

  26. Anonymous8:59 AM

    I signed up and have been waiting for my coupons but I have received nothing. It has been over a week. All I'm getting is advertisement. If this is all I'm going to get then this is a big waste of time.

  27. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Seems like all people do is complain in life about everything. With that said, if you sign up for their weekly flyer, which is also known as their mailing list, you will get coupons all the time, I do. And yes, you have to have your coupon with you when you shop, which is no different then any other stores requirements when it comes to honoring coupons, you must have them with you at time of purchase. So all you haters out there move on, get over it and/or here's a thought, try to be happy, it's so much less stress in your life.