$5 Nutro Coupon (Natural Choice Pet Food)

By Anna
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$5 Nutro Pet Food Coupon
Print a coupon instantly for a $5.00 discount on Nutro Pet Food valid on one bag of nutro brand dog or cat food (Available at your local pet specialty retailer). (October-31-2015)

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$1 Off Any Natural Choice Bag Of Dog Food
Print a coupon straight from nutro.com for a $1 discount on any size bag of natural choice for dogs.

$1 Nutro Coupon For Max Cat Food
Fill out the form to print a coupon for $1.50 off with the purchase of two bags of max cat food.

These are manufacturer coupons for Canadians and USA Residents . Natural Choice dog food products are sold at most grocery stores, supermarkets & pet outlets.

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15 comments to '' $5 Nutro Coupon (Natural Choice Pet Food) "

  1. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Didn't work. Food was highly recommended by a Silver Lab Breeder. Said there is less waste because the dog uses most of what's in the food to built their bodies. The coats of the dogs will show the difference and so will their teeth he said.

  2. Anonymous4:50 AM

    We have used this product for 9 years and love it.

  3. Susie The family Dog.6:01 AM

    we have switched our dog Susie to the Natural Choice "Grain Free" a month ago because of a allergy. She would scratch herself bald. When we went into buy another bag of dog food for her there was Natural CHoice rep. there who gave the heads up to us about Natural choice Grain Free food. After a month on the food we noticed a difference, her scratch was to a minimal and her ears even started to clear-up, thanks again for a great product.
    Happy dog

  4. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Worked great! Thanks! 04/2011

  5. Anonymous1:13 PM

    My little dog went into cardiac arrest from eating this dog food! Nutro is owned by MARS CANDY company! That should explain it all, how unhealthy it is for your dogs! We did research online for HEALTHY ALL NATURAL HUMAN-GRADE dog food and the search engine brought up BLUE BUFFALO! She has been on it for 4 months now, and her vet and I have seen a BIG difference in her health! She is 13 and THRIVING!

  6. Well, I believe you just made an excellent point. You certainly fully understand what you are speaking about, and I can truly get behind that. Thanks for staying so upfront and so sincere.

  7. Anonymous5:47 PM

    would not print

  8. Anonymous12:57 PM

    still tryin

  9. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Nutro Natural Choice Venison formula is the only thing my Lily can eat w/o having digestive tract problems. Thanks for making a quality product with natural ingredients at a reasonable price. I also like that you are located in Franklin, TN. MADE IN THE USA - you Rock!!

  10. Anonymous7:01 AM

    I've signed up several times with Nutro. Have NEVER receuved a coupon.

  11. Anonymous9:54 AM

    To the Anonymous who blames Nutro for her dog's cardiac arrest - what difference does it make that Mars owns Nutro? None. And your blaming the food you fed your pet for a heart attack? Irresponsible and unproven. My pets have eaten Nutro dry food most of their lives. One is going to be 13 next week, the other is 12. Go eat your Blue Buffalo if you want to, but don't pretend to be a pet nutrition expert. You're not.

    1. Anonymous12:54 PM

      agreed... my chihuahua awesome with this. better than other crap

  12. Anonymous11:49 AM

    I agree, you cannot blame a pet food company for your dog going into cardiac arrest, because the company is owned by Mars! This does not mean they add sugar or unnatural products to their pet foods because they are owned by a candy company.
    Mars is the umbrella for Nutro products, but does not make their products. Nutro, manufatures their own products in their own facility, use no color,dye or chemicals to process their pet foods & they source their own ingrediets unlike many other pet food that use 2nd or 3rd party contractors to make their products. Nutro also preforms over 600 batch checks per day on all their products. And they are the pioneers of natural,who have been taking care of our pets nutritional needs for over 84 yrs.
    I currently have 3 dogs, a 12, 7 & 3 year old, all which eat Nutro dry dog food, are healthy, happy and love their Nutro food. I have been using Nutro products, dry food, wet, & treats for over 16yrs, and would not hesitate for a second to change to another pet food company, based on information & facts that I can back. My recommendation to anyone looking for a healthy nutritionally balanced pet food, research your products & be able to back any claims with facts not hearsay & don't undersell a company because it is owned by another company, Nestle, another "candy company" owns the company that feeds millions of babies around the world.
    As for anyone having trouble signing into my nutro rewards, make sure if your American you click on the US site & for Canadians, the CND site, as well some coupons are downloadable directly to your printer.
    Have a great day & get out there and enjoy you 4 legged friends.

  13. Anonymous7:15 AM

    My 3 (ages 17, 7, & 6) all eat Nurto Lamb and Rice and have for years. The eldest has very sensitive digestive system and she has been on meds for her heart for years. Nutro is working just fine for her--heart problems and all!!
    Pardon me, but aged 13 is pretty old for any breed of dog and health issues should be expected. How do you know it was the food that caused the problem??? Shame on you for posting unfounded comments.
    Coupon worked fine for me. 8/2/2012

  14. Anonymous11:32 AM

    tHE $5 off nutro company coupon is good until december! I have been printing them like crazy there seems to be no maximum amount!