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10% Dick's Sporting Goods Coupon With Sign Up
Simply sign up and get a coupon for a 10% off your next purchase, special offer coupons and updates for Dick's Sporting Goods stores. Be the first to know.

Note : If you have trouble finding the nearest retail store near you use their Dick's Sporting Goods Store locator.

$15 Dick's Sporting Goods Couponexp )
Print coupon for a $15 discount on select pairs of athletic footwear $69.99 or more. Must present coupon at time of purchase.

$20 Dick's Sporting Goods Couponexp )
Print coupon for a $20 discount on your $100+ purchase at a Dick's Sporting Goods store near you. Present coupon to sales associate at time of purchase.


  1. Anonymous6:36 PM

    jee beene! you people need 2 chill!
    Dicks is not worth all this fighting! Make love not war.

  2. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Well I am part of the "Scorecard" program, but haven't purchased anything from Dicks in a while. Interesting that I also haven't received coupons in the mail for a very long time either! Now when I want to shop at Dicks and find an online coupon, you say I can't use it, yet I SHOULD HAVE RECEIVED THE SAME COUPON IN THE MAIL! If an online coupon brings me into the store to shop, you should accept it.

  3. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Dick's would notaccept this coupon - said they do not accept anything printed off of the internet.

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  5. Anonymous7:08 PM


  6. Anonymous7:11 PM


  7. Anonymous8:08 PM

    Dicks will take the coupons from online only if you are spending more than just the bare minimum. The fact is just what someone said above, "The person printing this will not return anyways." Dick's cashiers such as myself tend to know the people that shop often and will let them use more of these coupons due to manager approval based off of their continued loyalty. Plus if you use the scorecard most people just keep a sticker on the front or back of another card they already carry. Plus with the score card most cashiers will be happy to let you use the copied coupons because we are judged and fired based off of our scorecard % of sales. So please just sign up and you wont hear near as many complaints and just don't be rude about it if your turned down the cashier just wants to keep their job if they are told to turn you down.

    1. Anonymous6:30 AM

      Unless i'm a regular shopper at the store, you don't want me money. Really good way for a business to run!!!!

  8. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Tried to use the $10 off coupon. Does not work!!

  9. Anonymous2:13 PM

    The $10 off if you purchase stuff for $25 worked for me, no questions asked.

  10. Anonymous6:12 PM

    worked for me :) Thanks!!

  11. Anonymous4:35 PM

    worked for me...thanks

  12. Anonymous4:58 AM

    10 off 25 works for me ..used 2 times on march 7...no problems thats a deal im going to use them all the time!Thanks

  13. Anonymous2:00 PM

    I just used this coupon this morning at the Dick's in Amherst NY (3/15/10). It did not scan through, but the kind lady "forced" it through as she said. I guess you try, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't...

  14. Anonymous3:58 PM

    March 20, just came from Dick's my daughter and I each used $10 coupon off $25.00..........Now I returned to the site and the coupons are $10 off $50..go figure, lol

  15. Anonymous3:27 PM

    they are not taking them at my local dick's. they said they are illegally uploaded or something like that and no good...

  16. Anonymous9:34 AM

    I Just used the 10 off coupon and it worked fine. Thanks!

  17. Anonymous7:47 AM

    I tried to use the $10 off $50 and it wouldn't work. The manager said it was photo shopped and isn't an actual coupon.

  18. Anonymous2:55 PM

    just used the $10 off $50 at my local dicks in indiana on 4/10/10 and it worked with no problems. dicks is still making these available via the web, i got one a few months back after purchesing a new shotgun.

  19. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Dick's coupon did not work.
    They will only accept coupons from their website directly.

  20. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Coupon $10 off $25 was not accepted. The manager basically told me that the coupon was linked to one account and that they would not take either of the coupons I had. I then mentioned that I had done the surveys from the last 4 visits in a week and that I also bought a fishing license last week (true) but that I left the stuff in my truck and I was on my cycle that day. (had gear on) He grabbed one of the fishing licene coupons and let me use that. Overall a great experience!

    Everyone, just take the survey on the bottom of your last reciept and you get a coupon code to use for the next purchase. I now have 5 sitting there but I keep forgetting.

  21. Anonymous10:29 AM

    I just attempted to use the $10 coupon at Dick's Sporting Goods and they said it is an "invalid" coupon. They wouldn't accept it. Don't waste your time and embarassment attemtping to use this coupon.

  22. Anonymous12:45 PM

    that's what happened to me. don't go to dick's, they won't take printed coupons, and most of the cashiers are just plain rude.

  23. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Just used the $10 off of any $25 purchase with no scorecard. Worked great; thanks a bunch!

  24. Anonymous8:42 AM

    $10 off of a $25 purchase is a bogus coupon. They only offer $10 off a purchase of $50 or more according to a store manager when I tried to use the coupon.

  25. Anonymous10:29 PM

    My store wouldn't accept it, said it was put online without authorization or something like that. Wouldn't even scan the barcode to humor me, she was having nothing to do with it. I guess it depends on your store. I'm pretty sure if she had scanned it, it would have worked.

  26. Anonymous3:04 PM

    A RUDE clerk at the Rockford, IL store informed me as I was paying that they accept NO computer coupons! only scorecard rewards and their own coupons from their site. Dicks will not be shopped at again after I go back to the store with my "Survey coupon" and return rebuy what I bought today.

  27. Anonymous4:48 PM

    I used the 10 off 25 at dicks today and they said it was fake but let me use it anyway. I got the coupon back and used it also at sports authority. This is because sports authority managers will accept competitors coupons. Even better was that I bought some under armor shirts and it shouldn't be valid for under armor.... The manager wasn't excited to do it but did anyway. It's no big deal if dicks won't accept the coupon because gladly will.

  28. Anonymous11:12 PM

    The Dicks coupons should be taken off the site because it is a fake and they would not let my son use it. He was mortified in the store.

  29. Anonymous1:06 AM

    June 11, I'm a cashier at Dick's and our store just received a memo about these coupons, instructing us to not take them. If you go to a halfway competent cashier there should be no way they accept it, as the only printable coupon Dick's accepts is the survey coupon and that's for $10 off $50, not $10 off $25.

  30. Anonymous10:43 AM

    me and my dad are buying a bike for my mom for her birthday. we are going to try to use the ten dollar off coupon. we used coupons from this site and they worked so i think this one will work too!!

  31. Anonymous5:10 PM


  32. 6/25/10 $10 off $25 does not work in Knoxville,TN. I was told that its a fake. The manager said that their coupons are never $10 off $25...they are $10 off $50

  33. Anonymous7:47 PM

    i went to dicks, I placed my purchase on the counter and presented the coupon with a smile. when he said we cannot accept this coupon. I stood there and waited. He asked if I heard him and I stared some more. Sunday mornings can get real busy with one cashier per entryway.

    he accepted the coupon. Move on.

  34. Anonymous4:24 PM

    7/2/10 Maryville, TN turned down my $10 off $25 purchase coupon today. They have accepted it in the past. I guess I'll blast them on my receipt survey.

  35. Took it out thanks

  36. Anonymous8:44 PM

    "i went to dicks, I placed my purchase on the counter and presented the coupon with a smile. when he said we cannot accept this coupon. I stood there and waited. He asked if I heard him and I stared some more. Sunday mornings can get real busy with one cashier per entryway.

    he accepted the coupon. Move on."

    HAHAHA! That was me! I remember that! I charged you twice for those XXXL sweatpants you were buying!

  37. Anonymous1:40 PM

    The $10 off $50 is the identical coupon that you receive when you complete the online survey. There is no difference.

  38. Anonymous9:33 PM

    I got the new $10 off $50 coupon... I hosted it here for you.. YOURE WELCOME! :D :D :D http://img375.imageshack.us/img375/9431/dickscoup.jpg

  39. Anonymous5:08 PM

    I work for Dick's sporting Goods corporate loss prevention team. The ONLY printed coupon which can be accepted at ANY DSG is the $10 off of $50 coupon which you can print if you take the survey printed at the bottom of your receipt. Any stores which accept coupons printed from the internet are not following company protocol. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME PRINTING COUPONS.

  40. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Funny thing, I went to Dick's website for entering a survey,, but I've never purchased anything from Dick's. I used all of the information exactly as it is on the example receipt they have posted, but just changed the date to today. Low and behold, I entered the survey, completed it, then was presented with their $10 off $50 purchase coupon.

  41. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Tried this today 9/16/10 I use all the information on the example receipt except I use a random low number which ended up being a store number and changed the date to today. I was able to complete the survey and get the $10 off $50 coupon. Went to DSG and was able to use coupon with no problems

  42. Anonymous3:25 PM

    I also work at Dick's. We have been instructed by corporate NOT to take any coupons other than scorecard coupons, in store coupons (Coach's certificates), and the $10 off 50 from the survey at the bottom of your receipt. If you try using a different coupon that the cashier won't accept, just buy the stuff, go home, and do the (very short) survey. You have 30 days to return to the store with your receipt and coupon for a price adjustment.

  43. Anonymous5:36 AM

    I wish Dick's (and other stores) would understand the concept of why coupons are used. The idea is that it is a form of price discrimination - you can sell the same product to two different groups that are willing to pay two different prices.

    In this case, group 1 (people not on this website) are willing to pay retail. Group 2 is not willing to pay full price and so to capture their sale, you allow them to use the coupon which won't affect group 1 because they don't care about the price.

    Personally, I wasn't able to use the Dick's coupons last night and, being in group 2, I will be making my purchase online at a different store. It's too bad Dick's didn't want to capture the sale at that lower margin.

    You would think that the marketing people in Dick's would either 1) understand why they are giving out coupons and support that program regardless of whether they are reprints or not or 2) utilize a program that does not allow for duplication (for example, bring in your previous receipt and get $10 off your next $50 purchase or a unique barcode on each coupon that, once used, disables that coupon, or something along those lines).

    Just my two cents. I imagine I'm not the only one that, because of the interaction on this issue (the fault of corporate, not the store employees), I'm not going to shop at Dick's at all. I wonder if the marketers included the customers lost in determining the value of their "loyalty" program. This is especially ironic because if the coupons weren't out there, I likely would have paid full price.

  44. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Most of the coupons will not work for ammo purchases. Some of Dick's cashiers will take them and others will not on ammo.......

  45. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Just tried to redeem $10 off $50 Dick's coupon and they would not accept it. I am in Raleigh, NC. I am going to take this to their store manager, but I wanted to check with you first to ensure that this is a legitimate coupon.


  46. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Nicole- try another store in the area. Used two of these within the last week at Crossroads and Beaver Creek

  47. Anonymous2:56 PM

    The $10 off $50 Dick's coupon was accepted when I used it today (dec 6, 2010) in St. Louis, MO.

  48. Anonymous10:23 AM

    If you refresh the page, the image will show up. I had the same problem and refreshing it worked for me.

  49. awww geeeez! I went through the whole stinking survey to get the $10 off a $50 purchase.... Did you see all the exclusions? Just about everything I was going to buy!

  50. Anonymous1:48 PM

    8/2011- Worked for me. I even made up the store info. It worked and I got my $10 off coupon! :)

  51. Anonymous6:34 PM

    I won't take the 10 of 25 because ITS MY JOB. We get in trouble for taking them and to be honest it's not worth it so if you make a fuss then we kick you out simple as that.

  52. Anonymous3:31 AM

    Simply take your coupons to competing sporting goods stores and they will accept the coupons and the rest of your future business. There are reasons for monopolies being illegal.

  53. Anonymous4:34 PM

    I just encounted a very NASTY manager who would not accept my $10 coupon because it was printed off this site, she chose to lose a customer for life than take $10 off a $100 sale. Not smart.

  54. Anonymous2:41 PM

    I tried. After giving details, Page says, The survey for that time period is now closed. We are sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you for shopping at DICKs Sporting Goods.


  55. Anonymous9:53 PM

    I've used Sports Authority coupons at dicks and dicks coupons at sport authority. Some of the dicks employees who refused coupons act like they just saved the day. It's really funny. They need to remember that they have competitors. The name Dicks suites Dicks Sporting Goods perfectly. You can sometimes find the same items at TJmaxx, Marhalls or Ross for a quarter of the price.. If the prices weren't so inflated, we wouldn't need to use coupons.

  56. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Is there any 60 percent off of clearance items coupons?or less?

  57. Anonymous6:47 AM

    It humors me to see that there are so many people out there that think policies should be lifted just for them. Like you are THAT special we make our own rules for you when you come in. Get over it and work for the $10 coupon you work. Don't cheat the systems. What does that say about you? You are one big reason why the economy is in the hole. Thi I about it. The company knows how much is going out when they send coupons and when you take the survey. They budget for that. But when you use the same coupons hundreds of times that's not budgeted for... What does that do? Puts them in the negative. Yes they have a stock pile of money but that's not there to cover coupon abuse.

  58. Anonymous8:53 AM


  59. The email 10% off coupon for signing up for promos is ONLINE only - not printable in my experience just now.. just FYI to all