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Earn Paw Points & Get Coupons
When You Sign Up For Fresh Step Emails
Simply join Paw Points and start earning rewards! Buy litter, earn points and redeem for rewards, plus you get coupons straight in your inbox when available.

Expired Printables

$2 Off Fresh Step Cat Litter
Print coupon and receive a $2 discount on any one Fresh Step Lightweight Extreme litter, 15.4 lbs. or larger. See coupon for more details.

$1.50 Off Fresh Step Cat Litter At Target
Print a $1.50 coupon for fresh step lightweight cat litter valid at target stores.

Note: You can also get the same coupon for fresh step cat litter through their cart wheel.

$5 Off Fresh Step Coupon
Fill in the form and print $5 coupons for fresh step scoopable cat litter.

$2 Fresh Step Coupon - Kroger
Print coupon and save $2 on any Fresh Step litter (25 lbs or larger) at your local Kroger store. Redeem coupon at register.

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Fresh Step products can be purchased nationwide in grocery stores, and department stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, Kmart, Club Channels, Costco, BJ's, and pet specialty stores such as Petsmart and Petco.



  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I see I am not the only one that was misled. This is exactly what is wrong with America today. These big corporations make promises in their advertisements and they do not stand be what they advertise. What is up with your company? What happened to trying to please your customers? Looks like you have angered many customers. Too bad when you have such a great product. However, I can buy two times the less expensive cat litter for the amount I spend on your smallest bag. It may not work as well but I can change it more often if need be. Make this right and you will keep your customers. Thanks.


  Posted By : Anonymous gailsieber

Fresh Step is very stingy with their coupons, you have to join their so-called loyalty program and from there you earn points for coupons as well as cat toys or donations to the A.S.P.C.A. In other words you have to to purchase alot of their product to get a coupon.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Anybody else have a problem getting dusty liter??? The bottom of my bag was full of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Fresh Step requires way too much information for signing up. There is no way I will give them my name, adddress, AND birth date. They're nuts. I don't need the coupon that badly.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

People, they are giving you free money off of their product. Most consumers are going to take advantage of it. Relax that it isn't their top priority to fix the problem. They have a fantastic product, that's better than most things out there now a days. If I have to give them some information and product loyalty to get something back, it's worth it for something so good.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I also filled out their form and did not get a coupon. Still a rip off 8/14/10


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Folks if you want a REALLY good product that DOES offer $3.00 coupons from time to time, try World's Best Cat Litter, better for Cats, the environment, and takes care of the odor.....all at the same time. It lasts much longer to boot! And I should know.....15 cats!


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Same here. I keep having to email customer support. They give ways to try to print but it still does not work. I have started to select to receive my coupons by mail instead of printing it. May take longer but hopefully I will get the coupons. Good luck everyone and merry christmas.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

Anyone who wants coupons for Freshstep its very easy. I simply clicked on the contact us link at the bottom of Freshstep's website and wrote a small email saying how I love their product and asked if they could offer any coupons to help keep their product in my home. They sent me a one time coupon for a free box of litter. It was a big help and now I just keep an eye out for coupons in the paper or sign up with their rewards program to keep earning coupons or free products using their points. Their product works and instead of complaining I complimented them and got a coupon. So kill them with kindness :)


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

When I first got my printer and installed java so I could print I got the Arm & Hammer coupon once and then could'nt get it again.I don't get why the rich companies don't feel flattered that we love their products enough to buy all we can cause don't we buy all we can as long as we can use a coupon?I do!So I go to Fresh Step where it says I can get a coupon and the makers are so stingy I have to purchase like 50 to send in this little paw print for a coupon.Give me a break!!!It also stinks a lot faster than Arm & Hammer Double Duty does.I have 5 cats in my bedroom and seldom does it stink.You can print Tidy Cat coupond all day, and boy is it cheap!But it sticks to the bottom of your cat's litter pan and I hate that kind of mess.


  Posted By : Anonymous Leah Rubin

Ive been determined to print this fresh step coupon for almost 2 hours now!!! I am beyond frustrated and upset... I know how to use my's just not allowing me to redeem the coupon no matter what I do! This needs to be resolved because there are obviously alot of upset people like myself that are being fooled.


  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

I read on another coupons site that if you are having trouble with their coupons you can call Fresh Step customer service (number is on their website) and they can mail you one. Not sure if this works, though.

If you buy Fresh Step regularly, I'd recommend joining their PawPoints rewards program. Just remember that before you toss your empty box - Don't Forget to cut out the Paw Points code on the side of the box (code is printed on the inside of box). Make make sure you cut it large enough so you've got the entire code.

In the past year I've gotten two free boxes of cat litter. It's not a huge amount of money, but it "ain't nothing". :)


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