Swiffer Coupons ( Sweepers & Dusters )

Print 4 Coupons For Swiffer Products ( New! )
Under "popular brands" click on swiffer.
- $1 Off swiffer duster refills
- $1 Off swiffer sweeper refills
- $1 Off swiffer wetjet refills
- $2 Coupon for swiffer starter kits

2 Swiffer Printable Coupons From P&G
Scroll down the page and you should see two coupons for swiffer products which include their floor cleaners and swiffer dusters. Must sign up or login to print..

Get Manufacturer Coupons For Swiffer In Your Sunday Paper
There's a couple of swiffer coupons in their P&G booklet.. Enter your zip to see which local newspaper carries them.

Expired Printable's

(3) $1 Coupons For Swiffer Refills
Click on "swiffer" in popular brands, and print 3 coupons for $1 off swiffer duster refills, wet jet refills, and sweeper refills.

$2 Off Swiffer Coupon + Free Swiffer Duster
Fill in the info and get your free swiffer duster and coupons. While supplies last.

Swiffer Wet Jet Coupons + $37 Coupon Booklet
Click on "get coupon" , follow instructions and apperantly they will give you a swiffer wetjet coupon plus a $37 grocery coupon booklet for other cleaning products.

The swiffer coupons above are free manufacturer coupons for swiffer cleaning products, however they are not printable coupons , you will have to fill out a form and they will send you coupons by mail.

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  1. Anonymous5:00 AM

    SWIFFER STIFFS CUSTOMERS - Instead of buying any more Swiffer products or wasting time looking for printable coupons that don't exist, or taking ridiculous surveys, I vote we swiftly shift our swiffers to the nearest trash recepticle and buy other products. This is a rip off when they advertise all these coupons so it makes it more affordable to own their product - then don't.

    I'd rather go back to hand mopping ANY day than support a scam company.

  2. Anonymous6:33 PM

    I'm disappointed too. I wanted a printable coupon because I want to buy the sweeper vac now, not 6 or 8 weeks from now. I have a wet jet and absolutely love it, will never go back to a mop and bucket again if I don't have to. But geez ... give someone all of my personal contact information (so they can bombard me with junk mail and junk email!) just is not going to happen. Will I still buy the product? Probably, but I'd like to save the $5 like they offered.

  3. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Again, false advertising. Tried to find printable coupons to no avail. Probably won't receive the coupon book either.

  4. Anonymous12:09 PM

    I filled out the form and did receive the coupons. There is also a $10 rebate form if you spend $20 or more on their website.

  5. Anonymous9:26 PM

    Need to take this down as they are not printable coupons. Must fill in your personal info in order for them to SEND you a coupon. Absurd.

  6. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Wow, what a pain in the butt.... I saw the same t.v. add, and I went to BOTH swiffer websites (.com and .ca) and I had to fill out stupid surverys!! Seriously??

  7. Anonymous11:14 AM


  8. Anonymous5:37 PM

    all I wanted was a printable coupon for one box of dusters. don't use the other products at all. Now will feel guilty because trees will die for coupons I won't use and a book I don't need.

  9. Anonymous5:37 AM

    I wanted to buy a swiffer today. WIll have to buy another brand....wanted a printable coupon!

  10. They don't have printable coupons here, you have to sign up for the book of coupons & they send it to you via snailmail, which is fine, got mine after signing up 4 weeks ago. However, it would be nice to have printable coupons when it says printable coupons. I LOVE Swiffer dusters, but there isn't a coupon on earth for just the dusters, & FINALLY I found their Facebook Like promotion for a $2 off any Swiffer product, I go there & low & behold, they're "out". How does one become "out" of a printable coupon? So annoying!

  11. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Why wont the coupons print? I want to get a swiffer wet jet

  12. Anonymous5:18 PM

    I have a Swiffer, and it's useless. My floor gets too dirty for it, even if I use it every day. I'm using up the clothes, and it's back to an old fashioned mop and bucket for me!

  13. Anonymous11:17 PM

    How come I have to download a toolbar to print a coupon?! If I had kept all the toolbars I'd have 15 by now and that's just within the last hour looking for the elusive swiffer printable coupon. Call the company tell them you want to try their product and they will send you some coupons...Worked great with my favorite bacon!

  14. Anonymous6:32 PM

    I have gotten the booklet in the past with tons of usable coupons as promised. I love it. Yes, it would be nice if they were instant printable coupons but at least we'r getting something. Can't look a gift horse in the mouth.

  15. Anonymous12:01 PM

    I felt the same way as some of you guys. I wanted to get a new Swiffer TODAY not 4-6 weeks from now. Mine got broken in a move. I can't wait 4-6 weeks to mop the floor P&G.

  16. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Anonymous said...Hi Anna. and Hello Angry Birds : )

    As of Nov. 20,12 there are still NO printable swiffer coupons. I had the lovely pleasure of spending 30 min. getting the run around on their site. Lovely graphics, you should be proud P & G, however the site with never EVER be visited by me again. Yes, Angry Birds they still ONLY mail coupons out after filling out much info, btw they only do it to make our experience more pleasurable. I think its so kind of them to consider our experience. I suggest Anna if there is any way you can do it..........you should pass along all of our personal experiences to P & G. Perhaps call them on the phone and suggest customer support look at it. I think we have as much chance of change as the congress. Must we all quit our jobs and spend 24/7 striking, protesting and trying to be heard? Where are the t-shirts........I'M MAD AS HELL AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE! ! !

    Angry Bird,

  17. hi renee

    WE made countless complaints to swiffer, and no answers.
    leaving the post and hopefully they can see all the negative feedback


  18. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Don't buy the expensive Swiffer refills at the stores - buy the ones that are washable and reusable

  19. Anonymous9:55 AM

    SO it make sense spend little time to research and filling form and all that just to save a few bucks.. But when You wasted more time for what actually your are saving is BS. yeah sure let me spend time, filling survey, email forms, open account and download a program so I can save $ 2 bucks..