Enfamil Coupons (Baby Formula)

By Anna
enfamil coupons
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Join the enfamil family beginnings program and get special offers, coupon savings (up to $250), free gifts and support through pregnancy, your baby's first year and into toddlerhood.

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$5 Off Any Two Enfamil Large Size Powders
Print a coupon for enfamil and save $5 on 2 enfamil large size powders. (19.8oz or larger).

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Search through publix coupons under baby category to print a $3 enfamil coupon.

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26 comments to '' Enfamil Coupons (Baby Formula) "

  1. Anonymous2:49 PM

    $250 a month?! wow, I use the Parents Choice formula from walmart and only spend about $50 a month.

  2. Anonymous6:49 PM

    After I registered at Enfamil card, I received 11$ coupon. That's all. How can I get anymore? Please help me.

  3. Anonymous5:34 PM

    how i can get a free enfamil a+ coupans

  4. Anonymous8:05 AM

    I know for a fact that someone is stealing my Enfamil coupons from the mail. I get lots of Enfamil things but the bottom is always torn off at the perferation when I get them. I've only received one coupon from Enfamil since my daughter was born besides what I got from the"pad" at the pediatrician's office. beware...

  5. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Half of you sound paranoid. I read "terroist watch list" somewhere in these posts. Chill out and enjoy your baby.

    Thanks to everyone with valid comments and information.

  6. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Some women who EBF sell these as a way to generate some money for their families. I BF my son for 2 years, & he only had a formula bottle on the rare occasion when the IL's watched him b/c they would not give him my pumped breastmilk. My DD is EBF, I receive these coupons in abudance, & have no use for them, however DH & I are currently unemployed, & need all the extra $ we can scrape up each month. Selling these checks & coupons are the only way I have to get some extra $ to pay for things for my kids. There are no jobs around us, & even if there were, they won't hire a woman w/ 2 young children-believe me, I've tried.

  7. Anonymous7:20 AM


    Hahaha! I am so glad I am not the only one who finds this to be crazy. Enfamil sends out FREE coupons, so why on earth would you sell them and why on earth would anyone PAY to save money? I can totally understand trading for another brand of formula, but selling is just ludicrous!

  8. Anonymous10:31 AM

    My daughter uses similac and i have alot of coupons for enfamil, if you need them feel free to contact me at tjsmit17@asu.edu

  9. i also have free ENFAMIL formula and $18 worth of coupons please let me know if you want them email me at hodzicvildana@gmail.com

    1. Anonymous8:08 PM

      do you still have these?

  10. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Yes, I agree, get over it people. If you don't like the idea of selling coupons then just don't buy them. I am thankful for the savings I can get even if I have to spend some money to get it. This is America not China.

  11. Anonymous10:16 AM

    I just want to say something to the people who keep commenting about breastfeeding. I am probably the biggest sdvocate for breastfeeding. I breastfed my oldest child until she was a year old, and she never had a bottle in her life. I believe that it is the best thing for a child, but when i had my second child, she refused to breastfeed. I tried and tried, but she still refused. After two days of my daughter barely getting anything, my sister had to bring me one of her kids old bottles and bought me a can of formula at 4 am. I went out the next day to spend a fortune on a breast pump , but my daughter still refused to drink my milk. I believe it had to do with the medicine i was on from my c-section, but who knows. Anyways, what i am trying to say is , before you look down on someone or say "if you can't afford it, breastfeed" sometimes there are other circumstances that you are unaware of, so dont be so rude. And about the people who sell coupons, yes i agree it is wrong, but again don't judge, maybe they are also families in need and buying their coupons can help them out. Why are we such a judgemental society?

  12. Anonymous12:14 PM

    I agree. When you do not know what the reason may be for why formula is choosen over breastfeeding, why do you choose to be ignorant enough to balk at people? Ignorance is bliss. I was unable to breastfeed my daughter because I had lymphedema in my breast due to cancer 2 years earlier. But, I also am not dumb enough to buy a coupon I can get for free, if I am not too lazy to pick up the phone and call Enfamil and ask for one.

  13. Anonymous12:50 AM

    I think selling coupons is a great idea. I am a working mom that does not get goverment assistance and can really use the extra help.Emfamil only gave me a few coupons to start with. Formula is so expensive.

  14. Anonymous11:40 PM

    someone commented "we need help feeding our babies" well, if you need so much help and on her griping about it, why have them? if you cant afford it then dont get pregnant. wait until you can afford a can of formula before you go off having kids!

  15. Anonymous6:05 PM

    I understand that it is against the law to sell coupons, that that wording is on manufacturer coupons. To be honest, don't buy coupons from Ebay anyway. In many cases, they will not refund your money, if these were fake, and it takes a long time to get a refund. I have sworn off of shopping Ebay for those reasons.

  16. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Their is something wrong with you people. What you want somebody to find coupons, clip them, package them, and mail them to you for free. You got a problem with someone making money that way. Maybe their feeding a baby. I don't sell coupons. I don't buy coupons. I have a new child. It is scarier to me to see you PEOPLE talk down about people out of hate. Coming with hate in your heart preaching religion. YOUR what is wrong with the world today. Asking for the government to step in and do something about people selling coupons. ridiculous! Terrorist watch lists for coupon sellers. Sick sick people.

  17. Anonymous10:43 AM

    For most formula brands such as Similac, Enfamil, and Good Start, you can sign up on their websites and receive monthly coupons/coupon checks. All of them, to my knowledge send formula to you as well. I have received plenty of coupons and formula from Enfamil. Thank God for that because formula is not cheap. However, I do not bash people for selling their coupons on Ebay. I don't know their situation. Maybe they can't work outside the home, so this is a way they contribute to their household. And if you notice, Ebay makes them put that they are not selling the coupons. Bidders are bidding on the the sellers time to locate, clip, and ship the coupons. I am an avid couponer and I know that sometimes clipping coupons can be a very time consuming task (depending on how many coupons you clip). I have seen people on Ebay bidding $50 and $60 for coupons. So to me, if they are bidding that much, they are able to afford it. We should be careful not to judge people we don't know. We don't know everyone's situations and can't determine why they list their coupons on ebay or choose to sell them. Please receive this comment with a good attitude as it is not meant to offend.

  18. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Signed up with Enfamil - never rec'd any coupons- wrote to them - got one $5 off in mail. That was months ago. Havent rec'd anything since. My doc. does not give out free samples. What did I sign up for. Cheapo's!!!! Where do those people on ebay get them????

  19. Anonymous11:39 AM

    They get it from News Papers

  20. After I had my second child, I signed up for Similac's Strong Moms website. Within a week, I received $100 in formula coupons. They were the $5 certificates.
    Also, whenever I shopped at Motherhood Maternity or stores like that, when I signed up for the email list, I always got formula, breastfeeding supplies, & diaper coupons.
    Pamper's has been THE BEST as far as coupons go. I always buy Pamper's diapers and enter the codes that they come with. They always send me coupons and the rewards from the codes can earn you formula coupons as well.
    Coupons.com is also a great site for free printable coupons. I was able to print off $5 off coupons for Parent's Choice formula.

  21. Anonymous8:58 PM

    you should never pay for coupons, buy a paper and clip them yourself or go to the manufacturer website and print them, duh, i would never by coupons from ebay.

  22. Anonymous7:23 PM

    To the woman who posted that she is unemployed because no one will hire a woman with two young children -

    You should be aware that it is illegal for a potential employer to ask you your age or ask if you are married/have children during an interview.

  23. Anonymous7:16 PM

    i don't think that its greedy of people to sell coupons on ebay i am 10 weeks pregnant and got a coupon for 25 dollars by the mail that would expire way before my due date and i put it up on ebay sold it for 15 bucks that person saved 10 dollars for their baby's formula and i got 15 dollars i can use to buy my self some more comfortable pants it's a win win not everyone has spare money and people will do what they have to do plus i'm the one who is putting my hard work into signing up to maternity sites to get coupons i'm sure if other women put effort into signing up they wouldn't have to pay for the coupons they would get them for free but they would have to suffer the consequences of receiving tons of junk mail before they even get a good coupon

  24. Anonymous9:08 AM

    signed up for this Enfamil coupons up to $250.00 in gifts yea right never received anything

  25. Anonymous10:34 PM

    "I believe that it is the best thing for a child, but when i had my second child, she refused to breastfeed. I tried and tried, but she still refused."
    It definitely was the medicine and it lasts in your system for days. I was the same way when my mother tried to breastfeed me. Obviously some babies just do not like the taste of the medicine. Another thing that messes with breastfeeding after birth is IV fluids. It increases birth weight and because of the excess fluids in their little bodies they are less inclined to nurse. Our first child had IV fluids and did not nurse for 12 hours after birth while our 2nd did not receive fluids and he ate as soon as he was offered; he ate but with the usual latching difficulty. The delay in feeding usually results in bottle feeding because of the resulting panic by mother and nurse. Too bad really, how so many things with good intention have such negative effects. The road to hell really is paved with GOOD intentions.
    You should only feel bad about your choices if you are no longer ignorant to the problem yet still do nothing to fix it.