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By Anna
cvs coupons
Print 100+ CVS Coupons To Use In Store
Great coupons for cvs pharmacies, you may have to download a software to print out their coupons, however they do work..

Note: Here's more CVS pharmacy coupons that can be used in-store. Also, get an extra care card to print coupons for extra savings (IT'S FREE). Some of my best savings were from their extra care coupon center.

$2 CVS Coupon For Passport Photos
Print coupon for $2 discount on your passport photo in the CVS Photo Center. See coupon for more details. ( December-31 )

Save $2 On MyPainAway Fibro Cream At CVS
Save $2 on MyPainAway Fibro Cream when you shop at your local CVS Pharmacy. See fine print for more information. ( December-31-2015 )

CVS Coupon Policy
CVS pharmacy coupons (ExtraBucks Rewards and ExtraCare Coupons) and Third Party Manufacturer Coupons are accepted in their retail stores in accordance with the following guidelines..

> Find out what's on special this week at your local CVS Pharmacy By Viewing Their Weekly Ads.

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Expired Printable's

20% CVS Printable In Store Coupon
Enjoy a 20% discount on your purchase at your local CVS Pharmacy. Must present coupon at time of purchase.

$5 Off Purchases Over $15
Receive a $5 discount on your $15 purchase at your local CVS Pharmacy. Redeem coupon at register.

CVS Pharmacy Coupon - Free Lip Care
Receive a free Nivea A Kiss of Care & Color lip care item. Valid in-store.

Free Full-Size Body Wash - Facebook
Visit their Facebook page, fill out a short form and receive a coupon for a free full-size body wash. While supplies last.

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  1. HI, Anna, I was looking for the coupon this morning, and ended up reading all the comments from this site. WOW! This is like watching presidential debate!
    I celebrate all the differences in the opinion, that is what makes this country.
    God Bless!

  2. Anonymous10:59 AM

    From where can i get the $25 off coupon for transferred prescription.


  3. Anonymous2:11 AM

    If you have a store that lets you stack 15 off 75, 10 off 50 etc... they're breaching store and corporate policy. If they say no, listen. We can get in trouble for these types of practices, and we need our jobs. So if the coupons work, fine. But if they don't, don't push it.

  4. Anonymous2:32 AM

    Funny. It is absolutely every employees job to tell the customer which coupons are valid or not. First, no CVS coupon should be accepted without the Extracare card. If the coupon does not match with the card's number, it will not be accepted. Second, if a coupon is a copy and has been used before, the register will flag it and no, we will not "punch it in". Every keyed coupon is reported along with the name of that cashier, and they are reviewed and could be fired for doing so. Our jobs aren't worth your 5 cents of savings. Sorry. If you want to use coupons like they were meant to be used, that is absolutely fine. But mass producing and handing them out just causes problems for everyone. You wouldn't want us coming to your job and doing things to compromise your source of income, so don't do it to us.

  5. joyshow12:53 PM

    Hi, I work at CVS in Beaufort, NC. This is my first time at this site so I am not one of the Prior CVS people that has posted.

    Stacking a coupon means you may have one from the store for a certain product and one manufacturer's coupon. We are able to take both of them at once even if it is a Buy 1 Get 1 deal, as long as it is for the right ammount and the coupon is not more then the sale price. Don't try using it on products that are only $0.59 and then give a coupon for $1.00 of that product. People have tried it and been successful and employees that are new have lost their jobs, because they didn't know. Policy has changed on handling coupons that are for more then the product and CVS will no longer accept coupons like that. If one is given to us we can use it for the pirce of the product only.

    Our CVS here in Beaufort, NC has one of the best staff in the Pharmacy Dept. They really do care and I have seen them go out of their way to help a customer. I help out in the Pharmacy from time to time and have seen the women there call an insurance company and they maybe on the phone up to 45 minutes trying to get things straightened out for the customer. They really do care and know their customers by face not just by name.

    Don't judge all CVS Stores due to some comments here on the forum or by others. Check it out and make your own decisions. Maybe your neighbor or friend was having a bad day when they went to the store, or maybe the employee was. You have the right to speak to the store manager or the Pharmacist on duty at the time. I always shopped at CVS and now that I work there I will continue to shop there. We do not get any discounts on sale items or reduced items. We only receive discounts on items at full price. Sometimes we are give a total of 30% on all merchandise not just CVS's. But all in all our store is a very friendly one where some are like family to us and we really do care and go out of our way to try to help a customer.

    If you have an Extra Care card you get all the sale prices, and 2% of your total sales every three months. You will also randomly receive coupons in the mail or your email box that only you will be getting. They do this to encourage shopping the same as all major department stores and chain stores do. So, there are some perks at CVS that you get or should look into.

  6. Anonymous11:58 AM

    I cant find any coupons

  7. Anonymous12:05 PM

    CVS will always take expired coupons. Use as many as you would like.

  8. Anonymous1:18 AM

    Dont fall into the coupon trap with CVS. They give these coupons because it is proven that people with an extra care card spend more than those who dont. The managers have to give you the sale prices. They mark their over the counter health care product like 500%!!!!!!!!!!!! Greedy Greedy company

  9. Anonymous3:05 AM

    Attn: There are prescriptions that are costing you more for less. i.e. Hypertension Meds aka High blood Pressure, namely "Hydrochlorothiazide" will cost you $10.99 for 83ct(Monthly) however some CVS are only filling the minimum of 30ct and making a profit off the remaining of what your cost is. Please ask to see if your prescription is on the list of select Drugs and their cost esp if you are paying out of pocket. CVS tends to be a rougue corporation.

  10. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Where is the $4 off $20 coupon?

  11. Anonymous5:13 PM

    where can I find the $4 coupon? it says see coupons page. Where is it?

  12. Anonymous10:36 AM

    The coupon that prints in CVS stores for a $25 gift card reads:

    "$25 dollar gift card with new or transferred prescription."

    They shouldn't have any trouble getting it to work. Some coupons are iffy, I'll give 'em that. However, if they deny you, raise hell.

    Yes, you have to have a CVS card, and if it prints on your receipt the last 4 digits of your card must match the last 4 on the coupon.

    They print about once every two months or so. Most stores have a card/item scanner so that you can see what coupons you have available.

  13. Anonymous9:36 AM

    I don't see the coupon to print out. Where can i go to get it?

  14. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Even though the coupon says transferred if you ask the manager they will let you use it on a new one too.

  15. Anonymous11:08 PM

    Ive been looking at all post... i dropped off 4 prescripitions yesterday and can't find a coupon for the 25.00 for new perscriptions... anyone now where i can get one...

  16. Anonymous7:15 AM

    I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CVS ROCKZZZZZZ <3 :D

  17. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Look, the main purpose of the $25 dollar transfer coupon is for CVS/Pharmacy, to keep the customer from leaving CVS to another retail pharmacy (Target,Walmart,Walgreens etc). It should be used 1 time only, customers take advantage and keep using the coupon, and transfer in and out and even do it on Refills, and if employees refuse they call customer service and lie and say that they refused them service, when they actually did not (Yes, this is also Medicaid patients, were the GOVT. pays there health care) For the people on here that says your just a "Cashier" do your job, that is rude and uncalled for never judge a persons job, would you like if a person tells you that you: "are cheap and the govt pays your health care!!" All of you here know deep down that what you are doing is wrong, and I do not blame you, I blame ALL RETAIL PHARMACY chains who do this, they are spoiling the consumer with these coupons, and the employees and Pharmacy Techs suffer because they are told 2 different things, Loss Prevention tells them "Not to or you will get written up" or Managers say "Do It" because then the customer complains and they get fired because of "bad customer service (lol) and later retail pharmacies (specially CVS/Pharmacy) gives them over $100 dollars worth of gift cards to spoil them even more. I think EVERY ONE should work Retail at least one time in there life to understand situations like these and understand that its not really the customers fault, its the Retail pharmacy chains for spoiling customers and hurting great employees because of a $25 dollar gift card.

  18. Will someone please send me the $25.00 CVS Prescription Coupon so that I can print it out??
    Thank You

  19. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Now through June 27th, will give you $10 towards the purchase of your nonprescription order of $50 or more!*

    Just sign in, fill your cart with $50 worth of nonprescription items, and we’ll give you $10 towards the purchase of your order. Don’t forget to enter in Coupon Code: SUMMER50 to get FREE shipping on
    your order!*

  20. Anonymous1:44 PM

    just shop cvs and you WILL $AVE MONEY

  21. Anonymous12:21 AM

    actually they will honor new prescriptions as well. and usually they will honor competitor coupons also. It just depends on who you talk to.

  22. CVS Pharm Tech3:34 AM

    As a CVS employee of 7 years, I'm here to clear up some things you might still be confused about.
    The most important fact that any store manager knows is that revenue generated by the front store is nothing compared to the profits provided by the pharmacy department. This is FACT! This info has been circulating internally for years and is backed by years of research. CVS is very generous when it comes to spending money on research. They even spent money researching what color will be more eye-friendly. CVS literarily doesn't care about how much money you save on front store items. Why? Because the majority of their profits for the day are generated by the pharmacy department. Think about it this way: your prescription copays are the same anywhere you go. So to you, as a consumer/patient, it makes no difference where you get your prescription filled, except... and here's where I think CVS is genius... except your preferences. CVS understands it better than anybody I think. All of their research is directed at understanding how to sway your preferences to continue to come and fill your prescriptions at CVS. They spend billions of dollars on research to come up with industry-leading ideas on how to keep you coming back to CVS. They were the first to roll out such a comprehensive reward program as ExtraCare Rewards and still to this day, I have not seen a company be able to even match it, much less beat it. The ExtraCare bucks are designed for one thing and one thing only: convert the customer who shops the front store only to a patient who regularly fills RXs and also shops in the store while waiting for their RXs. You, as a consumer, are much more valuable to CVS as a CVS/pharmacy patient.
    Why am I saying all this? Simple... as much money as they make on your prescription, they're willing to make less of a profit, maybe even lose some occasionally, just to keep you coming back and filling RXs at our pharmacies. Having said that, I want to point out another important fact: company policies are contingent on the decisions of management of the store. All store managers are given the authority to override any policy that may hinder your positive shopping experience. But heed my warning: if the manager of the store is not willing to appease to your demands and you decide to call his/her superior, don't be surprised if you don't get your way with them either. Even though, the manager CAN override the policy, doesn't mean that because s/he didn't, his/her superior will override the store manager's decision. The manager's superior will back his manager up and send you back to the store to resolve the issue. Therefore, if you're going to try to work the system and manipulate CVS rules, be courteous about it. Kindly ask if you are able to redeem whatever it is you're trying to do and chances are if you've been nice to the service associate, they will be courteous in return and go the extra mile to try to save you a couple of bucks. We aren't jealous that you have a coupon. Contrary to your belief, we are more than happy to apply it to your purchase. You just have to be fair about it. Just because you, the customer, are always right, doesn't mean you should be and this mindset plays a big role in our decision-making.

  23. CVS pharmacy tech3:58 AM

    BTW, you can't use ECB or the gift cards to pay for prescriptions. That's not even negotiable.

  24. Anonymous9:41 PM

    According to the CVS weekly ad you can sign up for ExtraCare email and get a $4 coupon instanly! You don't know you have to spend $20 to get that lousy $4 until you go to sign up.

  25. Anonymous7:32 AM

    CVS just changed their policies! We are now SUPPOSED to take 1 coupon every six months, just like the competitor coupons state for RXs and please stop transferring your prescriptions around, not only does it waste a ton of time your health could be at risk.

  26. Anonymous2:13 PM

    CVS also takes all competitor RX transfer coupons.

  27. Kim Hinshaw7:05 AM

    I signed in for the 1st time 4.00 coupon,extra care card.I had to call the toll free number,because the coupon would not print.I stayed on the phone for 45 mins.trying to get the coupon.I was sent from one area to another.I did not get the coupon before I went to the store,but they got my email address to send me their advertisements.Very unhappy customer.

  28. Anonymous8:12 AM

    i HOPE EVERYBODY HAS A PROSPEROSS NEW YEAR. I was there yesturday and saw a tag that read the thermacare trial size was on sale for $2.79 with a return of extra-bucks of $2.79. LIKE IT WAS FREE! I checked the register strip today and found that the two Thermacare trial-size I bought were $3.79 with NO extra-bucks. I called the store. The manager said that was a sale from Saturday, so I had to pay full prise. I am returning both Thermacare today, better price at Walmart! I am so glad I transferred my scripts to Kroger a year ago. I've found ,if I'm not very attentive, they are simply not fair. Best Wishes.

  29. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Where to get the transferred prescription coupon for $25 gift card?

  30. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Where can I find the Transferred RX coupon, the option is not here to print it and I have 2 to pick up tomorrow. 1/18/2011 --Kathy

  31. Anonymous8:03 AM


  32. Anonymous7:58 AM

    I called the customet care line 1800-746-7287. They stated that they do not send the $25.00 gift card coupons for new/transferred prescripts ever. I tried, they said it was incorrect info. Just following up from a post I read that said if I called, it would happen. Not. Oh, Well, I tried.

  33. Anonymous3:32 PM

    the 25% coupon says someones name "NICK"
    and this coupon is for intended recipient only.

  34. Anonymous9:55 PM

    where is the Rx Transfer Coupon?

  35. Anonymous8:45 AM

    I just called the CVS customer service number above and they informed me that they have discontinued these coupons and will no longer be offering them. :( I thought they printed out at the register occasionally, bummer

  36. Anonymous10:51 PM

    wow i read that whole page, im well informed about good ways to save money, and a little sad from all those bitter people out there :(

  37. Anonymous1:02 PM

    I am a coupon shopper as well and love it. HERE is the difference between some of you and myself. I am not a fraud and STEAL from a company. Because of all the fraud us employees are not allowed any longer to use Pharmacy coupons. So I thank all these people who have made it even more difficult to use coupons ANYWHERE now. Hope the few $$$ you saved is worth your integrity but maybe that's what your mommy taught you:(

  38. Anonymous8:51 PM

    Was the last $5 off $20 that was posted out of the actual paper?

  39. Anonymous9:54 AM

    I have a 30% off entire purchase CVS coupon.
    This week theirs a Shick razor on sale for $8.79.
    In the paper their was a $2.00 coupon, and CVS is giving rewards bucks back of $4.00.Can I use the:
    1) coupon for $2.00 off
    2)Get the 30% off entire purchase w/ CVS promotion receipt.
    3) and get the $4.00 reward back from CVS.

    Bottom line can you combine the 30% off, $2.00 coupon and get the $4.00 extra bucks back?


  40. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Experience with one of the bad customers...

    However, I do not allow "customers" to stand at the counter and ring up each individual item as a separate transaction just so they can play the coupon game. An example, the other night a "customer" came in, had six items. Asked me to check the price on each item (btw, the coupon kiosk in the stores also functions as a price checker, something that isn't promoted as well as it should be). I scanned them for the customer with the RF guy and told her the prices.

    She then moved two items forward indicating she wanted to purchase them. I rang her up. At this point there were two more customers in line.

    Then she moved one more item forward (the rest had been set aside by the customer). I rang that item up.

    Now there were four customers in line.

    She then moved one more item up. I asked if she wanted to purchase the three remaining items or just the one, she stated she wanted to ring them all up individually. I told her that would not be possible as I had other customers in line. I would be happy to ring the all up as one transaction or she would have to wait until I waited on the customers that were waiting in line. She insisted that I was not allowed to force her to pay for all three at once and started shouting at me and making a scene.

    I repeated myself, calmly, that her choices were to ring them all up at once or step aside so I could wait on the other customers.

    She picked the items up and threw them at me (which is legally defined as assault). I instructed her that she had just committed a crime and she was to leave immediately or be arrested (yes, that is MY right if someone assaults me).

    I also informed her that if she ever stepped foot on the property it would be criminal trespass and she would be liable to be arrested. Unfortunately I suspect a few of the people on her that have made angry and insulting posts would do the same thing (throw things at the employee) yet feel they were somehow treated poorly.

    Keep in mind that whenever you enter a business property, you are on someone private property and they have the right to refuse service.

    I also know of customers that have reached across the counter and slapped an employee, just for doing their job. Please remember, there are security cameras at the store that record all that happens, so before you claim an employee did something to you, remember there is a record of what really happened.

    On the other hand, I have tons of wonderful repeat customers. Many of whom have called corporate to compliment me. Just remember people, treat others as you would like to be treated.

  41. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Here is a good one for everybody: When you sign up on you can get your extra care coupons printed from home. If you set your printer to, let us say 5 copies, you can get 5 and use them:) Ones printed they are gone...talked to loss prevention and was told that CVS still gets reimbursed by vendors and has no problem with this little glitch:)

  42. Anonymous10:58 PM

    I shop at my local So Cal. CVS stores often. Have 3 stores nearby in my immediate area. I am always honest and only use $4 off $20 once per expiration period. Always scan my extra care card upon entering the store and generally get additional coupons fairly easily. I do stack some mfg and CVS coupons, but don't get crazy and overdue it.

    Have developed nice friendly relationships with special cashiers. Will wait in line just for them, because they know coupon policy and sometimes offer suggestions that can save me even more. I give respect and always get it returned. If I offend a policy, once I am told about it, I comply. So far, no problems.

  43. Anonymous10:38 AM

    any new coupons?

  44. Anonymous11:45 AM

    I used to shop at walgreens a lot untill they stopped accepting store coupon & a manufacturers together.So i took my bussiness to CVS 7yrs ago & have been shopping there ever since.I Save a lot of money by using coupons but..there are also a olot of items that i buy at CVS without coupons only because I save on other items & i would like to give my bussiness to them because they let me save some money..I would buy worth $200 of stuff in CVS but I also pay at least $100 out of pocket a month on CVS.
    I agree with what CVS employee r saying abt abusing the system & trying to get everything for almost nothing & being rude to the cashier.However the cashier need not shrug their shoulders & make up a sudden policy when someone is trying to save some money.If you dont have Customers..then you dont have bussiness & if you dont have bussiness then we customers may not save a few bucks as we do now at CVS.So lets all try to understand each other.

  45. Anonymous8:57 PM

    The reason CVS never has enough of the sale items on the shelves is because people get to the stores 5 minutes after the store opens and wipe Out anything with a coupon whether they need the item or not! Stop being greedy! Just buy what u need!

  46. Please Help! I used to get weekly CVS coupons by email for $4 off 20, $5 off 15, etc. For over a year now, all I get is online offers. I've called CVS customer service to find out why I no longer get them and am told they are generated based on your shopping habits. They checked my account and saw that I was signed up for email offers. I always check my junk mail. I shop there all the time. My mother-in-law, who hardly shops there, gets these email offers regularly.

    How are you all getting these $ off and % off coupons?

    Please contact me with answers at

  47. How do I get the coupons that you are talking about? What do you mean by posting a coupon? Some are thanking others for coupons. I would like some but don't know how to get them.

  48. Felicia4:23 PM

    Hi Rose,

    You should locate The ExtraCare Coupon Center, aka the Magic Coupon Machine and make a habit of scanning your ExtraCare card every time you shop. Just for scanning you will often get coupons from the machine.

  49. Anonymous10:07 PM

    I am new and still clueless, where can I get this $25 Prescription coupon or other $4 off $20 coupon and so. where do you guys get these coupons print out.

  50. Anonymous8:53 PM

    until one would scan my Pediasure manufacturer's coupon (they are the same product and it did scan). Two stores refused to scan my Nature's Bounty coupons because they had a RiteAid logo on them (they were NOT RiteAid coupons and scanned at a third store)

    actually thats because the register does not always realize that the coupon does NOT match up with the items being purchased, and why its actually part of the cashiers job to make sure that coupons match up to the items being purchased, otherwise then the cashier is considering to be doing fraud, by what our instructions say to us. also, the coupon had a riteaid logo, but was not a riteaid coupon, on that you are correct BUT cvs will not get credit for that coupon, thats why the stores did not want to scan it. it will still scan but when it goes in for being credited to the store, it will be refused since its a CVS trying to redeem a RiteAid coupon.

  51. Anonymous6:14 AM

    The people that work at CVS need to shut up an stop talking about the coup one customer !!!!!!Cuz if u don't know we just try to save some money ! I hate the fact that when the worker see some one come with so mohch coupon they give them the dirty loom like bitch we all human ITE just Cuz u work at CVS don't make u any less human shit u would love to save money too money not free that y u working an that y us customer coupon ITE STOP GIVEN US A DIRTY LOOK !!!!!

  52. Anonymous12:23 AM

    I work for CVS and customers do not respect our policies at all!

  53. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Coupon ladies, I have but one request.

    As an employee of CVS/Pharmacy, I stand in awe at the pure indecency you present towards your fellow shoppers. You stand in line for excessive amounts of time, organizing your extra bucks and your coupons, setting straight the order of your purchases, all at the expense of the decent people waiting behind you. If ever I see one of you coming to my register, with a queue of folks behind, prepare to get mean-mugged, stink-eyed, and bad-vibed, because I have no tolerance with this blatant disregard towards our average customer. The "C" in CVS stands for "Convenience", and with coupon ladies polluting our lanes, it may as well stand for "cumbrous".

  54. Anonymous8:48 PM

    Will the 5/15 work with any card?